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Municipal Code

Municipal Code Table of Contents

Chapter 7 - Table of Contents

Chapter 7 - Zoning Code

Chapter 1 - Rules of Government

Chapter 8 - Building Regulations

Chapter 2 - Officials, Boards, Commissions and Employees Chapter 9 - Public Parks and Property
Chapter 3 - Town Roads and Right-of-Way

Chapter 10 - Table of Contents

Chapter 10 - Land Division

Chapter 4 - Licenses and Permits Chapter 11 - General Provisions
Chapter 5 - Offenses Against Public Peace, Safety, Morals and Public Policy Chapter 12 - Cemetery Regulations
Chapter 6 - Health Regulations Chapter 13 - Wind Energy Facilities

Ordinances and Resolutions


Ord. No. 2014-1 Repealing and Recreating Chapter 13 Wind Energy Facilities

Res. No. 2014-1 Deletion of Cty Rd LS Addition Of Dairyland to the County

Ord. No. 2014-2 Changes to Chapter 1 of the Town of Mosel Municipal Code: Rules for Government

Res. No.2015-1 Discontinuing Part of Orchard Rd.

Ord. No. 2014-3 Creating Section 4.11 of the Town of Mosel Municipal Code Regulating The Use and Prohibiting the Sale of Fireworks

Res. No. 2015-2 Changes in Section 11 Fee Schedule Change

Ord. No. 2014-4 An Ordinance Repealing and Recreating Chapter 2 of the Town of Mosel Municipal Code Concerning Town of Mosel Officials, Boards, Commissions and Employees

Res. No. 2017-01 Posting Locations

Ord. No. 2014-5 An Ordinance to Amend Zoning District Boundaries on the Town of Mosel Zoning Map

Res. No. 2018-01 Amending 10yr update to Comp Plan

Ord. No. 2014-6 An Ordinance Repealing and Recreating Chapter 3 of the Town of Mosel Municipal Code Concerning Town Road and Right-of-Way


Ord. No. 2015-1 Weight Limit on Lakeshore Road


Ord. No. 2016-1 Ord. Creating sec 5.12 Established Sexual Offender Residency Restrictions.

Ord. No. 2016-2 Ord. Regarding Appointments of Alternates to the Board of Review  
Ord. No. 2016-3 Ord. Creating Sec. 3.05 Concerning Speed Limits on Town Roads.  
Ord. No. 2016-4 Ord. Creating Sec. 5.13 Regarding Noise regulations.  
Ord. No. 2016-5 Ord. Recreating Sec. 5.02 regarding Citation Authority.  
Ord. No. 2017-01 Amending Section 3.02 and Creating 3.06 Weight Limits and No Passing zone.  
Ord. No. 2017-02 Ord. Amending Chapter 9 regarding Waste Removal.  
Ord. No. 2017-03 Ord. Amending Section 3.04 regarding Non Commercial Driveways  
Ord. No. 2017-04 Ord. Amending Chapters 1, 4, 7 concerning Accessory Uses, Chickens in R-1.  
Ord. No. 2017-05 Agriculture Enterprise Zoning District  
Ord. No. 2017-06 Amending Section 3.05 Speed Limits  
Ord. No. 2018-01 Amending Section 7.13 D Of Zoning Code Public Hearing Requirements  
Ord. No. 2018-02 Amending Section 11.05 Fee Schedule  
Ord. No. 2018-03 Amending Section 7.07 Regarding Accessory Structures  
Ord. NO. 2018-4 Creating Section 3.07 Creating Adopt-A Highway Program  
Ord. No. 2019-01 Amending Town of Mosel 10 Year Comprehensive Plan  


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